My dad’s vintage radio…



My dad keeps a radio at home… it is not a decorative piece…. but he still listens to it… morning news to evening chat programs and various other shows i have no idea about… the same old All India Radio stuff….

It’s weird whenever i come home listens to those AIR tones early in the morning… I wonder if anyone listens to radio anymore… there are 100s of channels in TV these days, and radio to people of this generation means the FM channels we listen in our car or phone…
This radio of dad’s is quite ancient…. It was there in our ancestral home for a while… when everyone left the home and our grandmother came to live with us, my dad brought that radio here… Since then that is his daily giver of news… Considering him being a guy who loves to live in the past, i wonder if he ever stop using that… He loves it, he refuses to part with it… because to him it was part of his story, his times…  

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