A ride through the memory lane…


I don’t have any friends left in my home town Thodupuzha for me to hangout when I come down here… Also I take a trip to home during off seasons when even nobody comes for a vacation…
So it is a lonely ride whenever I go out to the town…
Initially, couple of years back, it was weird for me and I used to drag my brother along in case I need to go out…
But recently I started enjoying my lonely rides…
I can move around here and there making a ride through the memory lane… By my old school… My college and the cafe we used to hang out during college… Our favourite church…
I made a similar trip today… It was quite emotional this time around… I went out as I was feeling lonely at home and bored after reading 2 books on a stretch… A lonely ride after lonely couple of days at home…
Passing by all those places I was been with my gang; suddenly I was sad and started longing for the old days… The good old days!!!
People have moved away and the connections are through only social networks… Wondering when I will be able to meet the people I have grown up with again!!!


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