Raindrops on my window…


Summer has been hard… It was a killer… crushing spirits, destroying peace… it was hell… Even in August, it feels like May… Survival in Delhi depends on your ability to survive summer which covers 75% of the days in an year….

It was Thursday…. Back in Delhi after a short ‘vacation’, expecting to be fried in the oven once again… then i saw raindrops started falling on my window, it was lashing out a while later…. raining hard…

The rain drops fall on my window pane.

The rain drops have set the tone for the day.

When it rains hard, the noise around you feels like silence… the sound of rain which quietens everything and create that silence which is not at all empty… 

Sitting in that silence, ignoring everything everything else around you… that was heaven!!!

The summer sun is not meant for me.

I belong to the rain.


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