Jogged in rain…

It was 7 am and still dark… I wondered if the clock was showing wrong time… 

Got out putting on my run gear only to be in cool drizzle… The condition of roads in a rain was quite bad… so i headed to the park where only a handful of people were walking/jogging… most people do not want to get down and get wet… sad, i thought… such a pleasant atmosphere… tiny raindrops falling on your face and all green around… the fresh air…. heaven!!!

Took off for a run in that light rain… i thought i would just do some 4-5 rounds in the park… ended up doing 7-8 laps… and then 30 minutes walk… the rain was such a motivator… I always enjoyed running in rain… it is always a heavenly experience… Once or twice i had played football in rain too… indescribable joy!!! 

Monsoon is slowly setting in Delhi/NCR… making use of most of the rainy days!!!


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