Books in my Kindle…


For a bookworm like me, getting some new books to my self has always been a joy… But since i moved around cities for research and job, i couldn’t maintain my collection properly… Lost/donated many of my books in the process… Now, i am in the middle of another move… So, I have no other choice other than turning to the e-books…

Kindle has been in my wishlist for a while… Many of my friends who were using it for years has been advertising the product… Yet, I stuck with the ‘real books’ because i love the feel of sitting in a room surrounded by books, taking them out once in while, turning the pages and storing them back in shelf once i finish… The joy at the last page of a good book when you are about to finish it, you will never get that from the bottom of an e-file… that is happiness at another level!!!

But, as the ‘to read list’ became longer and longer, i realised that if i start buying all those books i won’t have space to keep them… So, i finally moved the Kindle from the wishlist to the cart!!! It was a pleasure to have a kindle hand… especially when i started to get loads to books to store in it…  

Though i will miss the feel and smell of paper, i think i will love this new reading arrangement… infact i have been reading some of the Physics e-books from my laptop… moving those to kindle and reading from there is a huge relief to my eyes… Also, it would cut down the distraction of internet…

My only problem with the kindle is the keyboard mobility… typing to make notes is quite difficult there… hopefully with some practice i can do better….

So, here I am ready to move around with loads of e-books in Kindle; saving some trees for the paper…. i am consoling myself with that fact…. 


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