The need to take a break….

Runners wake up before the sun!

Runners wake up before the sun!

So, finally good news!!!
The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) organisers accepted my application… My first real competitive marathon is coming… My past efforts in ‘marathon’ were only charity based or occasion based… Even last year’s 6 km run in ADHM was just testing the waters…

The training has been going on in full swing… With the new job and the timings, i get only an hour in the morning… to increase the pace and distance covered… That part of the training is going fine… my run app is congratulating after every run on the new achievements… I was excited on this…

But soon i realised, in the effort go faster i am ignoring the injury scare… a couple of minor scares last week… Also, the anxiety to do always one step more… yes, i was pushing myself way beyond my strengths… So, then i came up with this new plan… a break… Take a day or two off in a week…

Train hard for 3 days… take a break…. that day can be used to warm up inside… rest the over-worked feet… then come back to road stronger next day…. It worked wonderfully yesterday after a break… Also, the break is good in some sense, i am sure i wont get tired of this run schedule… There is always a possibility that our tired body with the run and work schedule force us to abandon the plan altogether after getting bored of the daily workouts!!!

So every now and then, a break is needed… It is not just a rest to the body, but also the mind… After a break, i always look forward to my day’s run/workouts… Also, i am working on new routes to run… the same old route bores me sometimes…. new plan, new route always challenge me… and i tend to do better when challenged….

So far so good at my end… working on other factors like diet and sleep hours as well….


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