A note on Electric Heating…

That Theoretical Physicist

Heating coil in an oven. Heating coil in an oven.

Last day I was going through a class 6 science textbook. I was reading the chapter on ‘electricity’ where there was a discussion on the kinds of materials used in different electrical apparatus like iron box, heating coils, water heaters, bulb filaments, etc. It was mentioned in the section, certain materials are used as heating elements since they have high electrical resistance. I just wondered if a class 6 student will be able to understand the relation between electrical resistance and heating. So I sent a short note on resistive heating to the teachers’ manual as an explanation. Here is a ‘not so short’ version of that:

What is Resistance?
We know that (electric) current is the flow of electric charges in a circuit. In electric circuits, this charge is carried by the moving electrons through a wire driven by the potential difference between the ends of the wire. Often, an electron moving through an…

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