One more week to race day!!!


It’s here… almost here….

One more week to go…
Last day i collected my bib and all from the Marathon expo… since then the excitement is at another level…
So far… Running gear – check, nutrients, supplements – check, energy drinks – got it all…
Plan of action on the day – check check check (100 times)…
Reebok RealFlex.... i ran ADHM last year in this... sticking with it again...

Reebok RealFlex…. i ran ADHM last year in this… sticking with it again…


Enerzal…. seems good!!!

Only worry is the severe cold and getting a bit of arthritic related injury… deciding not to exert too much next week… Focus mostly on strength and stamina building… and not giving any room for panic attacks (last day, i had a nightmare – i got up way too late on race day)….
Well, getting ready physically and mentally….
Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, here i come….

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