Yes, I finished a half marathon…. I did it!!!

I did it…. yes, i did it…. finished a half marathon….

Finishing a marathon was a challenge i had put in my bucket list a while back….
Last year when i was around for the 6 km run, i envied the half marathon finishers with their finisher medals and i had said to myself, next year you r doing it
Delhi marathons happen during winter and during winter my arthritics problems will double up… yet, i wanted to take on this challenge…
Trained for 4 months…. improving the pace day by day… taking up different levels; hard, easy, medium… it worked well… inbetween i had some injury scare…. managed to keep that cool with volini sprays and and bandages….
Race day…
Race day didn’t start well for me… Didn’t sleep the previous night… probably because of excitement or tension… Then my cab driver turned up at the destination and refusing to come to my address… luckily, managed to reach in time….
That feel when u r about to take up something big and you are surrounded by 1000s of competition… that rush… that adrenaline… that was something!!!!
I had a strategy specifically for 21 kms…. race and then slow down… race again and slow… and on and on… But with 100s of people around, that didn’t work…. so i went on my average pace from start to end…
I have never anything like that before… so when i finished, i was surprised at my effort… and a timing- 2:17:16…. made me proud!!!
Pace: 6.31 min/km
The finisher medal....

The finisher medal….

When i came back home after the race, every part of my body was aching… and i was dizzy, from lack of sleep and fatigue… but, i was happy…. happy that i did something which people said i cannot do and never expected me to do… i am glad i pushed myself… and i will push myself more to prove many more wrong….
I am looking forward to next year…. and the year after that… for all the runs and races and challenges i can take up!!!

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