Cold, freezing and lost in Fog!!!

I always thought i am a winter person than a summer one.
Have been waiting for the winter once the Delhi temperature started rising in May… Delhi summer is long and tiring and depressing…. anyone will long for Winter to stay longer here…
But, this  year the winter has been so erratic it is now annoying me…. Cold mornings, warm afternoons some day… and foggy and freezing some other day…. things have become so unpredictable here…
I, sometimes, wait for the weather updates from my colleagues in the mornings who start from homes before me…
Winter has made me quite lazy…. Being an active person, it is making me so uncomfortable… No blogs, no jogging…. even the indoor work-outs and warm ups are cut short!!!
There were mornings with zero visibility…. It was no fun walking to the metro station in fog, considering how reckless are the drivers in Delhi!!!
Now, I can’t wait for bit of sunshine… can’t to get up early for my morning run!!! Can’t wait to sit outside and read a book and write notes for the next Physics blog (writing this blog sitting on my bed, covered in blankets)…

Well, winter…. go away…. sunshine, come back please….


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