As long as there are games, it is not over!

After a heart break from the football world cup last year, i had decided not to invest so much emotions in any sporting event…. the ones i myself is not involved with…

Tries to keep calm during ManU’s failures early in the season… Indian cricket team’s pathetic performances during the test series and all….

But being a sports person myself, i found i cant stay not to be angry and emotional anymore… I had stopped watching games thinking i might jinx the team… Recently i have started watching all the games again…. But when the team loses…. It might be just a game on just any day… for a person who loves sports, a failure is failure… it affects…

So, when my cricket team was playing in the CWC…. i never missed a single game… couple of matches in week-days in office, managed to watch in my phone app…. yes, i was passionate…

So, it was hard when the team got knocked out…. knocked out in semies, nothing to be ashamed of, but we are no longer in the tournament… somebody else is playing in the finals…. that is heart breaking….

But, well…. its not the end of the road…. sun will rise again and again everyday…. tournaments will come… we can win more….

As Sir Alex Ferguson said:

As long as there are games, it is not over!