ADHM… My YAY moment of the year!


It was that time of the year in Delhi. Post-Diwali smog and pollution debates and then came along ADHM… bearing the brunt of the ‘concerned’ health professionals… After days and weeks of uncertainty, it did happen!

2017, to me, was the year of Full Marathons. I have been training for it since February with weeks of training plans. Though I didn’t achieve my sub-4 target, I had hopes on this Delhi’s biggest running festival – a half marathon.

I knew I could break into the sub-1:50, but a 1:45:10 finish was not expected.  I even I surprised myself. I knew I had a cramp coming. I had that feeling since the Bangalore Marathon. It can come anytime and it will ruin my run! I was sure.

I planned to board the 1:45 bus thinking I can finish sometime around 1:46-1:47. I was certain, I won’t be able to race at the end. But, after all the ‘star sports drama’ (another story), I was all fired up. I was going at a pace between 4:50-5:00 min/km and when I cracked a PB for 10k, I was fired up. However, I was aware the cramp that may come at any time. I kept my pace; finished 18km under 1:30. What was left was a race until the end which I did.

In between, the shoelaces failed me. it never happened with my Nike before. There should always be a first time. I might have lost 7-8 seconds there. But, I didn’t matter to me at all. I could have slowed down anytime in between and lost those. The thing that happened after that is I raced and never slowed down during those usual slow-down splits: 18th, 19th! In fact, I raced the last 200m @4:41!

In the end, I ran 130m more; didn’t take the shortest route. Or else, it could have been an easy sub-1:45. That is good in some sense. It will keep me grounded and at the same time will give me confidence for the next 10 races.

I am excited. Excited for the coming races; excited for the Singapore Marathon, which is going to be tough and TMM, which again, is going to be tough and NDM.

Happy days ahead!



Another year, Another ADHM done…

eade5c4d352e06352c168bb0af3e30d886dddcb8f5dab5eaf760b17c9e7ddb0dEver since I started taking long distance running seriously and ever since I started getting to know the running groups in Delhi, the one thing i noticed was that everyone seemed looking forward to, at any time of the year, yes, the tAirtel Delhi Half Marathon or ADHM… and the count down to the event… starting even before August when the registrations usually opens (i had a count down even for the registration opening day)…

ADHM, for most Delhi runners, is the end-of-the-year point… you plan an year’s run as ‘pre ADHM/preparation to ADHM’ or post ADHM….

Well, after numerous runs around Delhi and strategizing and planning… there was ADHM, last weekend… Last year I ran without much expectations and clocked 2:17:16 (as I type that certificate is in front of me, pasted on my board)… So, they promoted me from line-up F to line-up C.

With a PB (1:54) clocked weeks before the race and I was hoping I could break that…. But winter, and sprains and Delhi weather… and topping all the huge crowd, I couldn’t get my plan right… But still managed to finish within 2 hrs (1:58:27)… People say that is decent enough… They say finishing the race in 2 hrs is a big thing…

On the big crowd… I could barely find space at the start to move forward… There were dangerous runners around, with no curtsey, pushing others….no space for free running… The number will keep on going up year by year, for sure…

Delhi weather… The pollution situation in Delhi after Diwali is just alarming… whenever I got out for a run, I could feel the kind of air I was breathing in… With the situation will definitely go from bad to worse in the coming years unless the Govt. steps in with actions…

What bothers me most is the injury scares…. These days its frequent… may be I push myself a lot… I set a pace and I get upset and I come down that point… I get so competitive with my yesterday’s records… May be it’s the old short distance runner in me… so eager to break records everyday…. So, eager to better the pace…. I ran a recovery run at 5:16 min/km and ppl send me alarming messages… to slow down!!! I know I need to slow down a bit… be less competitive… lots of work for disciplining myself for next year… well, next ADHM 🙂

Whatever the reason I pulled out for not improving my PB, I am signing off the running calendar with lots of satisfaction…. The kilometres ran this year, the hours I trained… the hours I spent on planning… the unhealthy habits I gave up (though there were many temptations)… I am proud!!! Though there needs lots of improvements, I am happy the way I have disciplined myself…

The thing with runners like me is ‘As long as there are roads, we are ready to run…’

Can’t wait for the next half marathon!!! Well, I have promised myself a winter break… let’s see how that will go… 😉