And a PB from Singapore


Who dares to grab a personal best from one of the toughest marathons in Asia?

Well, that would be me. Clocked 4:10:10 and that ended up being my PB; shaved off 7 seconds from last PB from Bangalore Marathon.


PB time!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon was nothing I expected. I expected a crash and burn situation. The place was humid; and too sunny from 7:00 am. With flag off of my pen at 4:40 am, I expected running in the sun from probably 25th km… which is crucial in a marathon because if you start slowing down from there, you can never pick the pace… that is usually the thing for me; experiences from Bangalore!

Well, nothing of that sort stopped me. The weather was surprisingly better on race day and I had a relaxing run. I could have pushed myself a bit more… but, I didn’t… fear of injury/cramps… I guess that is something I need to work on.

A good finish doesn’t mean the event was so enjoyable and all. The organizers tried their best to keep the runners comfortable. However, there were uncomfortable situations. The runners were made to stand in queues for more an hour (the lucky ones) to drop their bags and collect their bags. The pre-run queue was annoying. I started 6 minutes after the flag-off of my pen. The post-run queue was painful… I almost fainted of dehydration… Organizers apologised of course, but, my runners were left fuming! Also, the ladies were not happy with the event, finisher tee designs… too loose and I look like a hanger with those tees on; I will never wear them for any run :(.

Summing up… my last run of 2017 ended on a happy note… A PB is a PB! Can’t wait for 2018!


Finish line smiles!

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ADHM… My YAY moment of the year!


It was that time of the year in Delhi. Post-Diwali smog and pollution debates and then came along ADHM… bearing the brunt of the ‘concerned’ health professionals… After days and weeks of uncertainty, it did happen!

2017, to me, was the year of Full Marathons. I have been training for it since February with weeks of training plans. Though I didn’t achieve my sub-4 target, I had hopes on this Delhi’s biggest running festival – a half marathon.

I knew I could break into the sub-1:50, but a 1:45:10 finish was not expected.  I even I surprised myself. I knew I had a cramp coming. I had that feeling since the Bangalore Marathon. It can come anytime and it will ruin my run! I was sure.

I planned to board the 1:45 bus thinking I can finish sometime around 1:46-1:47. I was certain, I won’t be able to race at the end. But, after all the ‘star sports drama’ (another story), I was all fired up. I was going at a pace between 4:50-5:00 min/km and when I cracked a PB for 10k, I was fired up. However, I was aware the cramp that may come at any time. I kept my pace; finished 18km under 1:30. What was left was a race until the end which I did.

In between, the shoelaces failed me. it never happened with my Nike before. There should always be a first time. I might have lost 7-8 seconds there. But, I didn’t matter to me at all. I could have slowed down anytime in between and lost those. The thing that happened after that is I raced and never slowed down during those usual slow-down splits: 18th, 19th! In fact, I raced the last 200m @4:41!

In the end, I ran 130m more; didn’t take the shortest route. Or else, it could have been an easy sub-1:45. That is good in some sense. It will keep me grounded and at the same time will give me confidence for the next 10 races.

I am excited. Excited for the coming races; excited for the Singapore Marathon, which is going to be tough and TMM, which again, is going to be tough and NDM.

Happy days ahead!


2016: My crazy year of running…


Sums up my last running season…

Years from now, when i look back down the road, i might find 2016 as the year i went crazy… crazy about running…

My 2016 new year resolution was ‘make a difference, do something crazy’… i did lot of crazy stuff… The craziest was deciding to run HM/FM in 6 different cities…

Starting with Hyderabad in August, then off to Bangalore in October, Cochin and Delhi in November, and finally then two full marathons in Jan ’17 in Chennai and Mumbai (back-to-back)… The last bit was the real crazy – back to back FMs… in a way, i screwed up the Mumbai by draining all energy in Chennai even though i bettered by timing…

Well, i don’t care any of that now… I have completed all my goals of 2016 running season… And rewarded well too… Won bronze in age category in Bangalore, won the whole HM run in Chennai, PB in Delhi (HM), 4th in FM in Chennai (there was a prize for 4th position too :)) and ended with a PB in Mumbai… so, the money spent on registration, travel, gear, and accessories… all forgotten…

More than the material and monetary rewards, it is that feeling… that feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross the finish line – i had many of that last year… and i am happy…

As i type this, i am drawing up my plan for next year… yes, more cities to conquer… more roads to explore… season 2017, i am coming… stronger and more determined…